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What we do

We are a small, specialised consulting company in the field of automation/IoT of buildings and airports.

Our clients include leading manufacturers of building automation, expert planners and institutional building owners.

Product Development

Our offer: Market analyses, requirements, product specifications, usability engineering, development support, market launch.

Building Projects

We support with: Rough concepts, project studies, specifications, planning support, tenders, technical support.

Expert's Reports

We carry out expertises and appraisals in the fields of room and facade automation with specially developed test equipment.

Smart Building

Market Analysis

Adiutec AG offers support in the area of market research, market clarification and idea generation. Neutral market analyses enable us to feel the pulse, identify current needs and derive trends for the future.

We specialise in qualitative market analyses, where the focus is on the "who" and "why". For quantitative market surveys, we use our broad access to the target audience with a focus on the "what" and "how much".

Analyses conducted in an interdisciplinary team yield direct answers while maintaining discretion.

Out offer:
  • Concepts for market clarification
  • Qualitative and quantitative market surveys
  • Quantitative-statistical evaluations
  • Trend analysis
  • Portfolio analysis

Michael Birchler

Requirements & Usability Engineering

The user in the centre – regardless of whether it is a product, room automation or a new service. With our vast experience around buildings and IoT, the critical points can be illuminated early on.

Adiutec AG collects and consolidates the requirements, collects feedback and conducts corresponding workshops. Because around 80 % of an intuitive system or a suitable service is primarily defined in the structure and not only on the basis of the superficial solution or presentation.

With its interdisciplinary team and thanks to many years of experience, Adiutec AG specialises in detailed elicitation and requirements & usability engineering.

Our offer:
  • Gathering, analysing and evaluating requirements
  • Creation of variant analyses
  • Elaboration of requirement specifications, detailed specifications or system concepts

Rony Müller

Technical system concepts and architectures

Adiutec AG supports clients and manufacturers in the field of building automation and IoT in the design of smart buildings.

Based on user requirements, we develop rough concepts and system architectures. Our specific know-how in conceptual design and our experience in implementation lead to solutions that can be implemented sustainably and to the reduction of technical risks.

Aware of the long product life cycles, we create sustainable, expandable concepts, taking into account backwards compatibility with existing systems.

Our offer:
  • Transfer of requirements into rough and detailed concepts
  • Cost-benefit analyses
  • Development of technical system and software architectures
  • Advanced analytics
  • Life cycle costs

Michael Gähwiler

Expert's reports

Adiutec AG prepares technical analyses and expert opinions on issues relating to room automation, smart home and facade automation. As a neutral body, we objectify problems, objectify discussions and seek constructive and amicable solutions.

Our offer:
  • Systematic recording and documentation of problems
  • Identification of possible measures to improve the situation
  • Drawing up informal analyses and expert reports
  • Joint expert opinions on behalf of all parties involved
  • Party expert opinions, arbitration expert opinions, judicial expert opinions
  • Project monitoring / acceptance

Rony Müller

The following devices can be used:
  • Oscilloscope Fluke Scope Meter (1 unit available)
  • Blinds measuring equipment InSpection SMM41 (15 units available)
  • Data recorder KNXrec11 (10 units available)
  • Photo equipment incl. various zoom, macro and film lenses in stock

Make it Work

It is only a small step from actual room automation to a smart building. Adiutec AG supports building owners, expert planners and manufacturers in this exciting environ-ment, where classic building automation connects to the IoT world.

Building owners: Coordination of suppliers, integrators, support in the implementation of smart building.

Planners: support in the planning process, submission and field engineering.

Vendors: development support, project management, testing, documentation and series introduction

Our offer:
  • Conception of strategies and solutions (especially migration and expandability)
  • Development of technical system and software architectures
  • Consulting in development methods and processes

Michael Birchler

Smart Airport

Requirements Engineering

Adiutec AG brings the requirements of the various stakeholders of tower, apron and maintenance under one roof. As a basis for a successfully operating system, the requirements for function and operation are neutrally recorded, processed and advanced to the requirements specification.

Thanks to many years of experience and its own software tool, Adiutec AG implements requirements and usability engineering in the field of airfield automation. The result is clear specifications for the planner, which can be implemented precisely in terms of targets and costs.

Our offer:
  • Conducting focus groups, card sortings, contextual enquiries, interviews etc.
  • Gathering and processing of requirements
  • Analysis and evaluation of requirements
  • Creation of system and usage concepts
  • Creation of standards and style guides
  • Accompanying the technical planners during implementation

Rony Müller

System Concepts

How can historically grown Airfield Automation systems be operated and maintained efficiently?

Adiutec AG designs concepts and accompanies conversion projects from the client's point of view in order to enable efficient long-term operation of airfield automation.

Our offer:
  • Detailed stocktaking of systems
  • Creation of rough and detailed concepts for system design and migration
  • Coordination and implementation of usability projects
  • Support of the technical planners in the implementation
  • Advanced analytics
  • Artificial intelligence

Michael Gähwiler

Quality Assurance

As a neutral engineering company not directly involved in the detailed planning, Adidutec AG reviews the planning documents and provides a second opinion on specific questions of airfield automation planning. Sometimes uncomfortable, but always on target.

Our offer:
  • Reviews of planning and tender documents
  • Offer comparisons / offer analyses
  • Support with the acceptance of control cabinets
  • Support for technical planners during implementation
  • Support in safety assessments

Michael Birchler

Adiutec AG

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The Team

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As an interdisciplinary team, we offer you active support in Smart Buildings and Smart Airports since 2006.